Do I need to have my plans before I contact Alouf Custom Builders?

NO!  We will help you put together a design that meets your wants and needs and then have you meet with one of the draftsmen or architects we work with to complete your plans.

Am I limited to a portfolio of plans Alouf Custom Builders has?

NO!  With us, there are no limits to what plan you can build.  We can use a plan you have drawn up yourself, one you have found on the internet, or work with an architect to design the perfect plan for you.

How long will the build process take?

It normally takes 6 to 9 months to build a new home once we break ground.

Does Alouf  Custom Builders only build New Homes?

NO!  We will remodel your current home, add an addition to your current home or add that much needed garage.  In some cases, a remodel will be quite extensive and involve the entire home.  We will take out walls, add beams, redesign the kitchen/bathrooms to create a more open and functional home.

Is the process of having a Custom Home built difficult?

Not at all!  Is it a lot of work?  Yes, but you will derive a lot of fun and satisfaction knowing you had a hand in building your home.  Knowing that every decision was made by you, from the design of the home, exterior materials, paint colors, light fixtures to the color of the light switches.





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